Finding Refuge 2011 Events Summary

Finding Refuge has taken off in 2011 with the philanthropy growing to 7 University and College Finding Refuge Clubs.  We are constantly looking for members to join multiple Finding Refuge committees and establish clubs at your respective Universities. For more information please contact us at  See how you can get involved this semester and make a difference.

2011  EVENTS


Mike Wexler and Marcus Williams hosted an event called Bowling for Africa with the help of another campus group called Athletes in Action.  The group collected over $200 through the sale of t-shirts during the event.  Continued sales of the t-shirts have generated over $500

McKenzie Lay, Jamie McClintock, Ben Leopold, and Annie Mosely presented Finding Refuge at the University of Oregon’s International Projects Fair. To a panel of judges, they presented their stories of traveling to City of Refuge and the experience of creating Finding Refuge. They presentation won first place and secured a $100 prize in which they donated to City of Refuge.


Aerial Robinson led the personal fundraising campaign at home and was able to get $1000 from Marks Pizzeria as a general donation to Finding Refuge.

Rebecca Pilard and Thomas Shelton organized the speaker series during Derby Days at Steven F. Austin College inviting students to help humanity through proactively combating child slavery in Ghana.

Finding Refuge began the process of establishing an On-Campus organization at the University of Texas and continues laying the ground work there.


Greg Malamut and Aerial Robinson held a fundraiser on Cornell’s campus which generated over $300. The donations went toward the money needed for feeds on the Finding Refuge City of Refuge aid trip this summer

Aerial Robinson published 3 articles in Cornell’s campus new letters about the philanthropy which went out to students and Alumni of Cornell


20 students for SAS f10  and SAS s10’visited The City of Refuge

Finding Refuge volunteers completed two successful trips to Doryumu completing two feeds at Lake Volta.

The Finding Refuge team raised enough money to donate a full size basketball court to the children’s village at City of Refuge which was painted during the first summer trip. A large financial contribution by the Edwards family  enabled the donation.


August 8th Finding Refuge made headlines on MTV Act’s webpage:  Read The Article Here


McKenzie Lay and Jamie McClintock did an interview in Eugene Magazine where Finding Refuge of featured (article soon to be scanned and uploaded).


After the initial founding of Finding Refuge, many of the volunteers have been meeting to help create organizational structure for the philanthropy to carry on and grow.

Finding Refuge has established itself at 7 Universities and College campuses

An internship position was established at City of Refuge with a student from SAS f10.

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