Happy Friday!

As the newest member to the blogging world, I wanted to start out by making every Friday a meaningful Friday. A day of inspiration and with a side of motivation.  We here at Finding Refuge are all about inspiring stories and positive messages so I thought that maybe I should produce a weekly little blurb about why we have such an amazing following of people. I just couldn’t think of a better way to begin the Finding Refuge blog!

So, from the beginning:  why am I apart of Finding Refuge?
I think sometimes it’s hard to imagine a life without freedom and a life void of unconditional love without seeing it first hand. Even with a difficult upbringing, I was still supported to dream and to do what my heart desired. I was encouraged to go to college and travel. My possibilities were endless.

The children of the Lake Volta region in Ghana work endless hours with little hope of rescue or opportunity; they aren’t shown unconditional love and their dreams go unsupported. They are faced with the reality that they may never see their family again and they are dehumanized to a point of living each day like a drone. Finding Refuge works to combat this hopelessness by organizing people on campuses across the country and supporting City of Refuge to rescue these children.

I know its sounds cliche, but these children are the future. By giving them opportunity and breaking the cycle of poverty, we hope to change their future for the better. City of Refuge has already supported the futures of hundreds of children. Not only the children they’ve rescued, but by supporting single mothers with jobs, providing schooling in low income villages, and by saving orphans off the street and giving them a loving family.
And that’s why I do what I do and why I’m so passionate about the children of City of Refuge. I was lucky enough to intern with them for a month and it was an amazing experience I’ll cherish forever. The children living at their orphanage have so much light in their eyes, like they could do anything in the world. And they CAN because they’ve been given the greatest gift. The gift of hope and opportunity to do what their hearts desires and to have a family that supports their dreams.

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