Happy Friday Everyone!

Here’s our second weekly Happy Friday post (still trying to think of a great creative name… I’ll let you know when it comes to me). This post comes from Ariel Robinson from Cornell University. She traveled on Semester at Sea in Fall 2010 and was instrumental in the creation of Finding Refuge. We love her a lot, and by the sound of it, she loves us too!

“One of my biggest motivations for wanting to work so hard with Finding Refuge is being able to see the change that is instilled in these children after such a short period of time at the Freedom Center. When we first visited two of the kids had only been rescued a few weeks prior and when I returned last summer they were completely different kids. They were curious and inquisitive they talked and laughed and were able to truly connect with us. It was remarkable to see what the safety of this home had given them and the potential they now have for an amazing life. I have been able to visit some of the worst parts of Lake Volta and have seen where these kids started, I have seen children who have completely lost all of their identity and it is remarkable to see what City of Refuge can do for them. I now wear a bracelet that one of these children made for me and every day I am able to look at it and see the difference that we are making to their lives also”

Thanks Ariel! And watch out next week for another motivational Friday post.

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