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By John L. Dornhoffer

This booklet, written via overseas specialists, is a close consultant to the Eustachian tube, with emphasis on these points of so much relevance to the practitioner. the outlet chapters rfile the medical anatomy and supply crucial details on body structure, with clarification of the recent version of tubal mechanics. prognosis and treatment for the patulous Eustachian tube are then mentioned, putting designated emphasis on a unique conservative therapy routine that has confirmed to be a leap forward for sufferers with this scientific syndrome. another vast bankruptcy examines total functionality of the Eustachian tube, basically from the center ear surgeon’s standpoint. Tuboplasty approaches, together with laser tuboplasty, and tympanoplasty are defined, and the results of other center ear pathologies for surgery are defined. The formerly unpublished remedy equipment which are defined during this booklet might be priceless in making sure the very best medical outcomes.

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Mobilization of the stapes should be avoided because of the risk of labyrinthine fistula, followed by labyrinthitis and deafness. If an attempt is planned to treat the fixation-related hearing loss, a stapedectomy is performed. This is less risky when the eardrum is closed and an abacterial environment has been restored. 5 Cholesteatoma In cases of cholesteatoma, keratinizing squamous epithelium is in the middle ear space, where non-keratinizing squamous epithelium (mucosa) usually exists. 5 Eustachian Tube Function in Different Middle Ear Disease Entities 57 Fig.

Of major interest is the situation in the nasopharynx, the soft palate, the lymphatic tissue, the adenoids and the tubal orifice and its surroundings. The extent of required imaging depends on the need for visualization of the disturbance. Although a plain radiograph (Schüller’s view) can be obtained to get information on the middle ear space aeration status, CT scanning of the temporal bone affords more precise visualization. If information about the Eustachian tube’s soft tissue is needed, MRI scanning is necessary.

3a, b). The cartilage can be used as a composite graft (cartilage/perichondrium island flap), as a cartilage plate or as shingles or palisades in a palisade technique [33,116]. 2 Creating a Cartilage/Perichondrium Island Flap To create a cartilage/perichondrium island flap, the cartilaginous margin of the harvested composite piece of cartilage and perichondrium is thinned using a number 10 blade. If using concha cartilage, the thinning is performed on the concave side, thus forcing the perichondrium fibres to bend the cartilage towards the opposite side and straightening the flap.

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