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By William R. Vaughn

Written in particular for COM-based ADO builders retooling for ADO.NET utilizing the C# language, this publication brings clean insights and pointers on the ADO.NET expertise. Veteran authors William Vaughn and Peter Blackburn have packed this formative consultant with useful recommendation on how one can write code that's either speedier working and more straightforward to appreciate.

The onset of the hot .NET know-how is forcing builders to totally reconsider their information entry recommendations. This e-book permits you to do that via operating examples and various discussions of what works and what doesnt. Derived from years of expertise operating with facts entry builders, ADO.NET Examples and most sensible Practices for C# Programmers includes a suite of concepts confirmed to significantly lessen overhead, difficulties, and confusionfor the devleoper, the procedure, and the total staff. whereas a few are very simple to enforce, others require enormous forethought to let. this can be a builders bookfull of tricks, assistance and notes handed on from these whove spent major time within the .NET and C# trenches.

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To use the Debug object, you must reference the System. Diagnostics namespace by using System. Diagnostics. This is helpful when the intended recipient of an exception message is a developer, but not necessarily so useful for your program to spew it all out to a user while committing hari-karL Fortunately, the Debug object is automatically stripped from release builds. Your user doesn't care much for which line in your code triggered the self-disembowelment-but more on exceptions in Chapter 9. So here, if the cn.

The answer is not particularly clear. NET applications, components, and Web Services can execute most (but not all) COM-based code. NET includes an (excellent) conversion utility to take existing ADOc code and convert it. NET application. While this utility converts the code, it does not convert the architecture or query strategy. NET application. NET executables. DLL) and include "using adodb;" in your solution. In this approach, you access the objects and their properties and methods directly.

Data class. NET Data Provider exposes a SelectCommand property that contains a query that returns rows when the DataSet Fill method is executed. The SelectCommand is typically a SE LECT query or the name of a stored 31 Chapter 1 procedure. Each Command object managed by the DataAdapter references a Connection19 object to manage the database connection through the Command object's Connection property. I discuss the Connection object in Chapter 2. The invocation of the DataSet Update method triggers the execution of the DataAdapter object's UpdateCommand, InsertCommand, or DeleteCommand to post changes made to the DataSet object.

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