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By Berger, Nogueira

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Advanced Macking 50 Section 2: Enter the bar Enter the bar Section 2: Enter the bar Enter the bar Entering the bar is a crucially delicate situation. This is where most of the women will be making their first impression of you and when they decide whether they want to sleep with you or not. How you act and carry yourself will determine whether they will want to talk to you. Advanced Macking 51 Section 2: Enter the bar As soon as you enter, you should be paying attention. Who is with whom? Where are most of the chicks?

Then after she thanks you for the light, you can extend your hand out and curl it like a bowl and tell her that she can ash in your hand. If Advanced Macking 46 Section 1: Before you start Your pockets she doesn’t get the joke, move on. Pen NEVER leave home without one. Not only is it a key instrument in getting chick’s number, but it’s great for protection against the evils that lurk at night. Viagra If you need it, then: “You never know when you might get flacid” Leather wallet If you are over 18, it’s time to think about getting a real wallet, not the kind that fold in three, is made of nylon and got the “Lakers” logo on the front.

The best way to figure out what you need to get the best clothes is to skim through GQ type magazines and figure out what is fashionable this year. Then go shop at cheaper than brand-name stores for those same colors and cuts. ” I know we all know this, but it is here for reinforcement. You can wear the one set of kick-ass clothes every-time you go out and look different with a few variations (different shirt, different shoes, no jacket etc), and still look fabulous. But with an average set of clothes, you’ll never look better than average.

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