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By Eduardo A.M. Koutsoukos

Stratigraphy has become imperative to almost all branches of the earth sciences, helping such endeavors as charting the process evolution, figuring out historic ecosystems, and furnishing information pivotal to discovering strategic mineral assets. This ebook specializes in conventional and leading edge stratigraphy options and the way those can be utilized to reconstruct the geological heritage of sedimentary basins and in fixing manifold geological difficulties and phenomena.

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23 27 28 31 44 52 53 Introduction Improvements in stratigraphic dating methods have transformed chronostratigraphy into a practical tool that reveals unexpected realities in the place of earlier conventions. As strata become more precisely ordered in time, applied chronostratigraphy allows us to unravel cause and effect across facies boundaries and gaps, to resolve the context of past changes, and to find relationships between the proxy records of vanished forces found in different lines of evidence.

The IMBS brought a strikingly improved level of precision to biostratigraphic correlations, a precision that magnetostratigraphy alone was unable to provide. A similar benefit is apparent from the combination of magnetostratigraphy and isotope stratigraphy (except for Pleistocene sediments), although some biostratigraphic control is also involved. The integration of the IMBS with rigorously documented stratigraphic data leads to what may be called “temporal analysis” in the evaluation of local stratigraphic sections.

3B Differentiating true paleontologic events from pseudo-events in stratigraphic sections. g. the highest occurrence of a fauna as indicated by the bold vertical line) at mid-height in each section (Fig. 3A, B, bottom right). Because the position of the HO is the same in the three sections with respect to magnetic reversals (Mxn and Mvn), it is concluded that the HOs of the fauna in the three sections represent the same extinction event. Section (A) is compared with section (C), which has a substantial stratigraphic gap that removes the upper part of the fauna’s true range (top of figure).

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