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  • C# is Microsoft's object-oriented programming language designed for bettering productiveness within the improvement of net applications
  • Fully revised for C# 2005, this publication starts off with making a C# software, then strikes into C# and object-oriented programming basics, home windows programming with C# and visible Studio, and debugging and mistake handling
  • A pleasant, conversational method of realizing C# is bound to get readers speedy developing applications
  • The CD-ROM includes the entire pattern code within the publication in addition to bonus materials

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Programmers must be precise in their terminology. ” This step is analogous to reserving one of those storage lockers at the train station and slapping the label n on the side. ” The equals symbol (=) is called the assignment operator. ) C# operators tell the computer what you want to do. In other words, operators are verbs and not descriptors. The assignment operator takes the value on its right and stores it in the variable on the left. What’s an int? Mathematicians deal with concepts. They can make up variables any time they want, and a single variable may have different meanings throughout the Chapter 3: Living with Variability — Declaring Value-Type Variables same equation.

4. Because button1 is now labeled “Copy,” rename the method with the Refactor menu. Double-click the name button1_Click in the Code window. Choose Refactor➪Rename. In the New Name box, type CopyClick. Press Enter twice (but take a look at the dialog boxes). It’s good for a control’s text to reflect its purpose clearly. New in Visual Studio 2005, the Refactor menu is the safest way to make certain changes to the code. For instance, just manually changing the name button1_Click for the method would miss another reference to the method elsewhere in the code that the Forms Designer has generated on your behalf.

But that’s okay, because C# doesn’t let you use m1 for anything until you assign it a value. The second declaration creates a variable m2 and initializes it to a value of 100. What isn’t obvious is that 100 is actually of type int. Thus, C# must convert the int into a decimal type before performing the initialization. Fortunately, C# understands what you mean and performs the conversion for you. The declaration of m3 is the best. This clever declaration initializes m3 with the decimal constant 100M.

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