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Code iteration has the capability to revolutionize program improvement. instead of handcrafting every bit of code, builders are more and more turning to code new release according to templates and functions of commercial common sense to immediately practice various projects. This publication teaches the technical information of code iteration in .NET via a coherent sequence of steps to help you to include code iteration into your individual improvement efforts.

Veteran writer Kathleen Dollard teaches code iteration as a scripted repeatable strategy utilizing templates you regulate, so you are not tied to a selected framework or sort. since you can regenerate code at any time, you could include adjustments, together with database alterations, in the course of the lifetime of your program. The templates are versatile and designed to paintings easily with the hand made code youll use to customise your program. The underlying basics are defined in addition to 3 particular options: outputting code to a flow, utilizing the Code DOM, and utilizing XSLT-based code iteration.

In addition to the textual content, the instruments within the publication (downloadable in either VB .NET and C#) contain a mechanism to extract info from SQL Server; a device for modifying and operating code-generation scripts; an easy, versatile ORM instrument that relates your database constitution in your runtime type version; and a collection of templates you should use because the start line on your adventures in code iteration.

Generating repetitive sections of code frees you to target the positive aspects that make your software detailed. Code iteration will turbo-charge your improvement cycles by means of supplying velocity, reusability, agility, and consistency. pass forth and generate!

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CODE GENERATION IS CODE THAT WRITES CODE. By letting you automate the creation of a large portion of your application, code generation offers a radical shift in development. In addition to the obvious benefit of turbo-charging your development, code generation lets you maintain consistent code quality and allows your code to evolve quickly in response to metadata changes (including database changes). Code generation lets you extend reuse to include code with similar patterns, as well as code with identical code segments.

Chapter 2 discusses a variety of metadata sources. The pattern for your code is contained in an XSLT stylesheet for XSLT code generation and a dedicated class for brute-force or CodeDOM generation. NET class. qxd 12/18/03 1:27 PM Page 6 Chapter 1 Mechanisms Not Covered Visual Studio and related technologies present many options for generating code. Because this book sets out to change the way you write applications by giving you a full-scale development approach, I’ll only cover those mechanisms that work well for full-scale application development in at least some scenarios.

Close() End If End Try End Sub #End Region End Class This code resembles what many people who’ve played a bit with code generation have done. It uses a standard StreamWriter and explicitly handles horizontal whitespace via hard-coded spaces. Outputting an empty string (“”) using WriteLine creates a blank line in your output. NET code in this sample to be rather mind bending. Option Strict appears twice, at the top of the code and again as a quoted string to be output. I find it difficult to read the code and mentally separate the instructions that are currently running from those that are part of the template.

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