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By American Institute for Cancer Research, Elizabeth K. Weisburger

American Institute for melanoma study, Washington D.C. complaints of the yank Institute for melanoma Research's Fourth Annual convention on nutrition and melanoma: vitamin and Breast melanoma, held September 2-3, 1993, in Washington, D.C. 22 members, 21 U.S.

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Die ersten erfolgreichen Versuche zur Züchtung tierischer Zellen außerhalb des Organismus reichen zurück in den Beginn unseres Jahrhunderts. 1907 gelang HARRI­ SON durch Explantation von Gewebsstücken aus Froschembryonen der Nachweis, daß in der Embryonalentwicklung die Neuriten als Fortsätze der Nervenzelle ohne Be­ teiligung anderer Zellen gebildet werden, und daß damit eine spezifische celluläre Funktion auch außerhalb des Gesamtorganismus zu beobachten ist [310,311].

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In general, the absence of true validation studies makes it impossible to assess such assumptions. However, there is increasing evidence from studies using the doubly labelled water method to measure calorie ex~nditure which indicates that obese persons under-report calorie consumption by 25-50%. 0-32 The degree of under-reporting of fat calories may be even greater than for non-fat calories. It should be noted that a departure from the simple measurement model (1) that allows the measurement properties of fat intake estimates to differ between obese and non-obese women, can dramatically change the shape of the relative risk function across categories of measured fat intake.

L. Cancer. 25:161 (1979). 11. Markita, M. and G. Sakamoto, Natural history of breast cancer among Japanese and Caucasian females, Gan To Kagaku Ryoho 17:1239 (1990). 12. D. A. Chaudary, lL. Hayward, M. Yoshida, S. T. Murai, Recurrence and survival rates in British and Japanese women with breast cancer, Breast Cancer Res. Treat. 18:s131 (1991). 13. R. Lowe, B. MacMahon, B. Ravnihar, and S. Yuasa, Some international differences in treatment and survival in breast cancer, Int. l. Cancer 18:269 (1976).

C. Other Studies Tominaga2! 5 times those among Japanese in Japan. 9 among Japanese women in the United States versus Japanese in Japan. A recent breast cancer case-control study among younger women indicates that Japanese migrants to the United States experience an appreciable increase in breast cancer risk within a decade of migration. 22 The per capita daily disappearance of polyunsaturated, saturated, and monounsaturated fat in the United States was 17,59 and 54 grams, respectively, in 1945, as compared to 31, 58 and 63 grams in 1980.

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