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By David J. Howe, Mark Stammers, Stephen James Walker

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So there were those kind of pressures all the time. 'Peter Purves was very supportive and helped as much as he could. I imagine it must have been very nerve-racking for him, in that he never knew from one day to the next what was coining from Bill. 'The feeling from above was that the show worked as it was, and would continue to run as long as Bill Hartnell played the Doctor. So perhaps I was mad for wanting to change it. But our audience research had shown the production office that many adults watched the show and so I felt we could do better than we were doing.

He is suspicious of the other three, and capable of sudden malignancy. They want to help him find himself, but Cliff never quite trusts him. All the other suggestions, including the 'Secrets of Dr. Who’ had by this point been dropped. The character was further refined over the following weeks. The j finalised version of the format document, produced by story editor I David Whitaker around early July 1963 and sent out to freelance , writers to invite them to submit ideas to the series, contained the following description: DOCTOR WHO: A name given to him by his two unwilling fellow travellers, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton, simply because they don't know who he is and he is happy to extend the mystery surrounding him.

A crotchety old bugger any kid's grandfather - who had, in a state of terror, escaped in his machine from an advanced civilisation on a distant planet which had been taken over by some unknown enemy. He didn't know who he was any more, and neither did the Earthlings, hence his name, Dr. Who. He didn't know precisely where his home was. He did not fully know how to operate the timespace machine. In short, he never intended to come to our Earth. In trying to go home he simply pressed the wrong buttons - and kept on pressing the wrong buttons, taking his human passengers backwards and forwards, and in and out of time and space.

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