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21. org/" /> If you wanted to read this information, you could do so in your modified method very easily: You would merely need to examine the Element property of the unknown header in the same manner that you would examine any XmlElement object. [ Team LiB ] [ Team LiB ] Returning Errors Like any programming protocol or language, SOAP defines how error handling should occur; and like other Web proto for handling errors with SOAP is the SOAP fault. With this special element structure defined in the SOAP specification some kind of failure.

Chapter 8 (Data and Format: XML and XML Schemas) provides more information about namespaces in a Web service. ", Namespace="http://sampletestservice/")] public class TestClass 31 32 On the help page for the test service, you can click the Add operation. This page contains three items of interest: the form for testing the service, the samples of the wire format, and a description of the operation. Currently, there is no description for this method, because none has been added. ")] Refreshing the page, you see that this description is now included on the help page.

SoapException: Server!! was unable to process request. cs:l --- End of inner exception stack trace --- Notice that the element indicates that this is a server error. 23. 24. Notice that the element is missing. You want the extra XML to appear in the SOAP. NOTE The Application_OnError event will not get called from a Web service. NET Framework gives you an easy and powerful way to build Web services.

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