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State of the art account of all points of electrochromism, offered at a degree available to chemists, physicists, fabrics scientists and engineers.

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Such colouration was first termed 'electrochromism' in 1961 by Platt [ 11 whose discussions were amongst the fiist published. Byker has discussed the historical development of electrochromism [2]. Many simple species exhibit electrochromism. To take a laboratory example, the ferrocyanide ion in aqueous solution is pale yellow in colour, but on electrochemical oxidation (loss of electron to an electrode): [F&CN)6l4(pale) + [Fem(C&13- + e-electrode (yellow) a pool of brilliant yellow forms around the electrode, and thence diffuses into the bulk.

6) correspondinglyat the other electrode. 688 V), and terms for pure solids and pure liquids are omitted (being constant they are in fact subsumed within Eo and EO'). 8 (RVersed). The preceding example perhaps represents an unusual use, even an abuse, of the SCE. An exemplar cell described by Sammells and Pujaru [6] includes heptyl viologen (HV2+: Electrochromic Systems: Electrochemistry, Kinetics and Mechanism 27 l,l'-di-n-heptyl-4,4'-bipyridilium) as electrochromicmaterial in aqueous solution, iniually as soluble colourless dication.

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