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By John G Fleagle, Christopher C. Gilbert

For almost a part century, Dr. Simons has ruled the learn of primate evolution. This quantity summarizes the present nation of information in lots of features of primate and human evolution which were studied by way of Simons and his colleagues and position it in a broader paleontological and historic standpoint. The booklet comprises the result of new study in addition to stories of a number of the serious matters in primate and human evolution over the past half the 20 th century.

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Parsons. In that year he took and passed the examinations to become qualified as surgeon (this transferred him from Membership to Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and instead of being addressed as ‘‘Dr. Le Gros Clark’’ he would have been addressed as ‘‘Mr. Le Gros Clark’’). He wrote that during that year he engaged himself ‘‘in the pursuit of anatomical and anthropological research’’ (CPE, p. 8). But he was far from content. He wrote enigmatically of ‘‘personal and intimate tragedies that affected me deeply’’ but he provides no clue as to what they were.

Le Gros paid particular attention to the postcranial remains attributed to Paranthropus and made two main points, which to my shame, I was not previously aware of. mankind’’ (ibid, p. 863). Second, he stresses the medial extension of the articular surface of the head indicating ‘‘very considerable mobility of the sub-talar joint’’ (ibid, p. 863). In History of the Primates, Le Gros summarizes his own assessment of the South African fossil evidence and this is worth quoting in full: ‘‘The question now arises, what is the proper place of the Australopithecinae in the classification of the higher primates?

It seems that Le Gros found things American somewhat mystifying. One time he showed me a New Yorker Magazine and wanted to known why the various cartoons were funny. To the best of my abilities I told him but was not always sure myself. Another time he professed mystification about the frequency of music in America. ’’ After I had been at Yale for some time John Buettner-Janusch of the anthropology department took a sabbatical leave and he suggested that Le Gros should be hired to teach in his place.

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