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The drug advisor that belongs within the pocket of each front-line EMS supplier this is often the 1st EMS pocket drug advisor that comprises the specific details more often than not came upon simply in a lot better reference books. EMS Pocket Drug advisor is a real must-have for any point EMS supplier from simple to complicated. sufficiently small to slot in a blouse pocket, it's going to continually be with you for speedy, trustworthy reference within the box. The element you wish with out sacrificing ease of use crucial details on a thousand of the main in general prescribed medicines and greater than 70 medicinal drugs commonly utilized in the pre-hospital surroundings Drug-specific EMS pearls, together with signs of overdose and particular overdose administration Sections on road medicines and medicinal herbs quickly box reference tables, together with cardiac algorithms, weight conversion, and harm severity rankings an awesome quantity of content material packed right into a pocket-sized reference: EMS box medicines, in general Prescribed drugs: Classificaton, more often than not Prescribed medicines: popular and chosen model info, customary Medicinal Herbs, universal road medicines, Reference Tables, grownup Emergency Cardiac Care drugs

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5 mg/kg over 1 min Pain: 1–2 mg/kg over 1 min or 4–5 mg/kg IM Peds. ] Contra: HTN, stroke, suspected CHI Disp: 10 mg/mL (20 mL); 50 mg/mL (10 mL); 100 mg/mL (5 mL) SE: Similar to PCP and LSD (sedation, hallucinations), tach, ↑ BP, ↑ ICP, nystagmus, loss of coordination Interactions: ↑ CNS depression W/ opiates, sedatives/hypnotics; ↑ risk of arrhythmias W/ topical cocaine EMS: Users report side effects similar to PCP and LSD; monitor ECG and BP Ketorolac (Toradol) [Analgesic/NSAID] Uses: Pain Action: NSAID; ↓ prostaglandins Dose: Adults.

5 Dopamine (Intropin) [Vasopressor/Adrenergic] Uses: Shortterm use in cardiac decompensation secondary to ↓ contractility when no hypovolemia is present; ↑ organ perfusion (at low dose) Action: Renal dose: 2–5 mcg/kg/min Inotropic dose: 5–10 mcg/kg/min Pressor dose: >10 mcg/kg/min Dose: Adults & Peds. 5 Enalapril# (Vasotec) [Antihypertensive/ACEI] Uses: HTN, CHF Action: ACE inhibitor Dose: Adults. 25 mg IV Peds. 25 mg/mL (1, 2 mL) SE: ↓ BP w/ initial dose (esp w/ diuretics), ↑ K+, nonproductive cough, angioedema Interactions: ↑ Effects W/ loop diuretics; ↑ risk of cough W/ capsaicin; ↑ effects OF α-blockers, insulin, Li; ↑ risk of hyperkalemia W/ K+ supl, K+-sparing diuretics, salt substitutes, trimethoprim; ↓ effects W/ ASA, NSAIDs, rifampin EMS: Consider CPAP/BiPAP use if hypoxia or severe resp distress is present Epinephrine# (Adrenalin, Sus-Phrine, EpiPen, EpiPen Jr, others) [Vasopressor/Bronchodilator/Cardiac Stimulant, Local Anesthetic] Uses: Cardiac arrest, anaphylactic Rxn, bronchospasm Action: β-Adrenergic agonist, some α-effects Dose: Adults.

25 mg/mL SE: ↓ K+, ↓ Na+, ↑ Cr, ↑ uric acid, dizziness, ototox Interactions: ↑ Effects W/ antihypertensives, thiazides, nitrates, EtOH, clofibrate; ↑ effects OF Li, warfarin, thrombolytic drugs, anticoagulants; ↑ K+ loss W/ carbenoxolone, corticosteroids, terbutaline; ↑ ototox W/ aminoglycosides, cisplatin; ↓ effects W/ cholestyramine, colestipol, NSAIDs, probenecid, barbiturates, phenytoin EMS: High doses in the elderly may cause profound hypotension and CV collapse; more potent than furosemide Calcium Chloride [Calcium Supplement, Electrolyte] Uses: Ca2+ replacement, Ca2+ blocker tox, Mg2+ intox, ↑ K+ Action: Ca2+ supl/replacement Dose: Hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, hypermagnesemia and CCB tox Adults.

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