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By Christopher Boulton

The one encyclopedia of its style, Encyclopedia of Brewing offers a complete description of phrases which relate to the technology and know-how of beer, allied drinks, and the brewing and malting approaches. The wide and authoritative assurance offers an properly designated description of every time period into consideration, supplemented with diagrams and images the place suitable. This crucial first element of reference for info on brewing technology bargains advertisement brewers and allied investors all over the world, in addition to the burgeoning North American craft brewing area, with a global standpoint.

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These differences are used for varietal identification purposes. Awns are provided with vascular bundles and numerous stomata. These features are in accord with their presumed function. The presence of stomata allows high rates of transpiration thereby implicating the awns as organs of plant temperature control. The vascular tissue, together with a supply of chloroplasts, suggests that awns increase the photosynthetic capacity of the plant and by implication the potential yield of grains. In mature barley plants the awn dries and becomes brittle, and during threshing it is usually broken off close to the lemma.

This is also multilayered and, with the exception of the embryo, it fills all the interior of the grain. At the central ventral furrow the testa is fused with a column of sheaf cells which projects into the interior BARLEY GRAIN 47 of the grain. Endopsperm cells radiate out from this column. At the periphery of the endosperm and directly beneath the testa is the aleurone layer. This is a thin layer of living cells encompassing most of the endposperm. The cells are thick-walled and cuboid in form and are traversed by plasmodesmata.

The silicone anti-foams are most commonly used in brewing. Concentrations are of the order of a few parts per million. The agent may be added directly to worts before boiling in the kettle or after cooling and collection in the fermenter. Alternatively, in the case of fermentation, they may be sprayed directly into the foam head as needed. This method of addition is most effective but requires care with sterility. Anti-foams act on the structure of the bubbles in foams. They displace bubble wall stabilising components causing them to burst and coalesce.

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