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By P. Cappabianca, O. de Divitiis, F. Maiuri (auth.), Prof. Dr. Enrico de Divitiis, Prof. Dr. Paolo Cappabianca (eds.)

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6mglday had reduction of gonadotropin and/or a-subunit levels; significant tumor shrinkage was found in 4 patients [31, 52, 63, 71]. No study has been reported on the efficacy of CAB in NFA. In a preliminary experience [42], CAB was administered to 10 patients with NFA who received a scintigraphy using 1231-methoxybenzamide 23 I-IBZM) prior to the therapy. 1231_IBZM was used to detect in vivo the presence of D2 receptors on pituitary tumors [52]. A significant correlation between tracer uptake in the pituitary adenoma and clinical response to CV or BRC treatment was observed in a few selected patients with NFA or a-subunit secreting adenomas [42, 52].

After negotiating the mucosa Fig. 3-27. Removal of clivus brings into view the venous plexus between the periosteum and the dura mater. 1: pituitary, 2: optic nerve, 3: ophthalmic artery, 4: internal carotid artery, 5: intracanalicular internal carotid artery, 6: clivus removed and venous plexus Fig. 3-28. 1: olfactory nerve, 2: gyrus rectus, 3: anterior cerebral artery, 4: optic chiasm, 5: pituitary, 6: intra-sinusal internal carotid, 7: intracanalicular internal carotid, 8: basilar artery M. Tschabitscher and R.

3-8. Lateral extension of the sphenoid sinus into the pterygoid process. 1: posterior ethmoid cell, 2: sphenoid ostium, 3: lateral evagination of sinus into pterygoid process, 4: clivus, * spheno-occipital synostosis The floor forms the roof of the choanae anteriorly and the roof of the nasopharynx posteriorly. Medially the pterygoid canal of Vidianus is recognizable as a bulge. ) Laterally, at the junction with the lateral wall, the maxillary nerve may form another bulge (Figs. 3-8, 3-9). The medial wall is formed by the septum.

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