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By Ingo Muller, Tommaso Ruggeri, I. Mueller

Physicists firmly think that the differential equations of nature may be hyperbolic so that it will exclude motion at a distance; but the equations of irreversible thermodynamics - these of Navier-Stokes and Fourier - are parabolic. This incompatibility among the expectancy of physicists and the classical legislation of thermodynamics has triggered the formula of prolonged thermodynamics. After describing the motifs and early evolution of this new department of irreversible thermodynamics, the authors observe the speculation to mon-atomic gases, combinations of gases, relativistic gases, and "gases" of phonons and photons. The dialogue brings into point of view a number of the phenomena referred to as moment sound, equivalent to warmth propagation, propagation of shear tension and focus, and the second one sound in liquid helium. The formal mathematical constitution of prolonged thermodynamics is uncovered and the idea is proven to be totally suitable with the kinetic concept of gases. The learn closes with the checking out of prolonged thermodynamics during the exploitation of its predictions for measurements of sunshine scattering and sound propagation.

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29) 88jL", = 0 (a (2[3 i' (3). 13) is simple in the sense that the partial pressure p", and the chemical jL", of constituent a depend only on their own density (2",-and on T, of course. 26h. 32) ",=1 so that the free energy density (2[el - Ts] is a sum of functions of which each one depends only on one density. 26) this same summational character then holds for (2S and, hence, for (2eI, namely, v (2S = L ",=1 v (2",s",((2"" T), (21':1 = L (2",1':",((2"" T). 33) 0:=1 Clearly s",((2"" T) and 1':",((2"" T) must be interpreted as the specific entropy and internal energy of the constituent a.

10) t(ij) = 2 / l - where the phenomenological coefficients Lab through I:ab La ] [ Lb >. 11) CHAPTER 3. 9) are generalizations of the traditional laws of Fourier and Fick according to which the heat flux and the diffusion flux depend on the gradients of temperature and concentrations, respectively, but not on both. TIP permits the temperature gradient to influence the diffusion fluxes and concentration gradients to influence the heat flux; both effects are indeed observed, and they are called thermo-diffusion effect and diffusion-thermo effect, respectively.

CHAPTER 2. 2). in the form t/'j) " +2t/k(,8Vj)] 8Xk t/ [( {! U + 8{G'jk-2v(,t/j)k) 8Xk = S <'j>. t/j)k and S<'j> must also be Galilean tensors, if Galilean invariance of the balance law is required. 9). 10)4 . Once again, the first line is a Galilean vector. Therefore, Galilean invariance of the balance requires that Gpp'k 2t/k,jVj - t/••kV. - t/k,V 2 - t/kIVIV. and Spp, - 2S Vj be Galilean tensors. 6) after an easy rearrangement. Some of the O's are well-known quantities in continuum mechanics and thermodynamics.

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