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Transient-Induced Latchup in CMOS Integrated Circuits

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To prevent unnecessary trips or demands on safety systems, for those external events whose parameters are continuous variables, such as water level or wind speed, consideration should be given to making routine measurements. The equipment and systems used to measure and report these parameters should have a reliability and accuracy commensurate with the safety claims made upon them. 3. 1. The first step in the design of a nuclear power plant against external events is to identify those events that are considered credible for a particular site.

The energy balance method correlates the initial kinetic energy of the missile with the strain energy of the missile during impact and collapse and the kinetic and strain energy of the target during the impact. This method treats overall behaviour of the system and is helpful for preliminary design considerations. Assumptions on the effective mass of the target and the amount of energy absorbed by the missile during the impact should be developed. Variations of the method use the principles of conservation of momentum and conservation of energy to determine the effective initial conditions of the target so as to determine the overall structural capacity.

When an external fire propagates at the site or when a fire is originated at the site but outside the safety related buildings (such as from a transformer, fuel storage or a vehicle at the site), general fire protection measures should be taken, as specified in Ref. [6]. 6. The ventilation system may be affected by smoke or heat. It should be designed to prevent smoke and heat from affecting redundant divisions of safety systems and causing the loss of a necessary safety function (including operator action).

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