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No theorist of aerial observation arose to spell Oul these implications, but then the whole philosophy of combined arms remained restricted to the fi cld manuals and textbooks of the professionals. Meanwhile, Mitchell and other publicists ensured that air power doctrine reached as wide an audience as possible. What passed for ncrial observation doctrineit hardly rose above the level of tactics and tcchnique-continucd in the well-worn grooves of 1918. In part this indicated bombardment doctrine's magnetic attraction for some of the brightest young air officers in terms of both intellectual excitement and possible professional advancelllent.

VI I- 53. Memo for I Wcn}, 16 Mar 17, slIb: Aerial Obscrvillion (Obsn) ill Liaison with Anitlery (Any), wcn, Gen Corrcsp. 1903- 1919. file 1056-43. KG 165, NAKA. contains a Ironslalion of Frcnch aerial ouscrvalion doctrine . The di slribulion lisl i~ mOSI ~uggeslive. Unfortllllalcly. Ihi s is Ihe only docul11ent in the file. All the other 11I:llcrials were "weeded" by The Adjulalll General in Ihe I 920s. I'alll W. Clark. D. diss .. y. 1(14). pp. 219~49, reeounls Squiers errorts ~~ mililary ,,"nch~ in Greal llril~in ,IIld Oil Ihc WCSlern FrOl1t.

The movemcnt of air past the blades caused thcm to rotate, gencrating lift. UnfortunHic ly, the almost dccadc- Iong test s revealed what Air Corps eng incers had II Memo, Ch. 'nlion Sqmdron mit! Equipmclll , in Microfilm A 1409, AF HRA: MenlO, Maj Gen E. S. Ad~ms rorChiers or Anns and Services and Command~l1ls orGencrnl and Spcci~l Service Schools, 15 SCI' 39. 1rd Rpl , Microfilm A2765, AF HRA: WO. I'M 100- 5, Tellw;"e "-SR. 1939. PI>. , pp. ft Sillce 1909, PI). 452- 53. s bega n replacing Ihe 0 -47 in 1940- 194 1 wilh Ihe 0 - 52, which was lighter, had beHer "isibili· Iy.

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