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53 Output (kg) At the laboratory scale, reaction control has been demonstrated by conductivity measurements, since partially reacted systems have high electron mobility and hence high conductivity. Colorimetric systems that can key on electron concentrations have been applied for non-agent systems and are expected to be applied in agent systems. 51 5. Summary Based on the performance demonstrated to date (including both chemical weapons agents and PCBs), solvated electron solutions can be applied to almost any chemical weapons agent destruction requirement.

DEMNEROVA, J. BURKHARD, J. KOS AL, M. MACKOV A, 1. PAZLAROvA, AND G. MACEK Institute 0/ Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry CAS, Flemingovo n. KASTANEK Institute o/Chemical Process Fundamentals CAS, Rozvojowi 135, 165 02 Praha 6 Czech Republic 1. Abstract Mixtures of indigenous soil bacteria were applied to remediate local ground waters and soil polluted with petroleum derived substances. kg- 1 soil dry weight. PCB biodegradation was studied using two biological models, bacterial co-cultures and plant cells cultivated in vitro.

Or 10 years following ratification of the Convention, which many countries anticipate during 1996. The United States has disclosed 30,000 tons of agents at eight sites in the Continental United States and Pacific possessions. Russia has declared 40,000 tons of agents, although many analysts believe that another 70,000 tons could exist elsewhere in the Former Soviet Union and in former Soviet client states. Following World War II, the agent stockpiles of Germany and Japan were improperly disposed of, which may result in additional remedial activity.

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