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By Robert L. Carroll

"Carroll has to his credits a huge quantity of necessary labour in writing the ebook and should most likely nook the marketplace for a vertebrate paleontology textual content for the remainder of this century." Nature

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Principles of Paleoclimatology

Greenhouse gases, worldwide warming, thinning ozone layers -understanding the Earth´s climatic adjustments is certainly one of today´s such a lot urgent overseas matters. how briskly has the weather replaced? the place and why is it altering? what's the effect of weather swap on our ecosystems, coastal areas, glaciers, forests, and lakes, or even at the evolution of our personal species?

Biodiversity Response to Climate Change in the Middle Pleistocene: The Porcupine Cave Fauna from Colorado

This ebook chronicles the invention and research of animal fossils present in essentially the most very important paleontological websites within the world-Porcupine Cave, situated at an elevation of 9,500 toes within the Colorado Rocky Mountains. With tens of millions of pointed out specimens, this website has develop into the foremost resource of knowledge at the fauna of North America's better elevations among nearly 1 million and 600,000 years in the past, a interval that observed the development and retreat of glaciers quite a few instances.

High-Resolution Approaches in Stratigraphic Paleontology (Topics in Geobiology)

This quantity delves right into a spectrum of theoretical in addition to utilized features of high-resolution stratigraphic methods in paleontology. It explores how more and more unique wisdom of the fossil list can improve our realizing of the evolution of lifestyles on the earth and likewise permits geoscientists to handle a vast variety of significant evolutionary and environmental questions during this area.

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1990, E]ectronenmikroskopische Untersuchungen zur Ernahrungsbiologie benthischer Foraminiferen, Ber. Sonderforschungsbereich 3 I 3,31: I -I 39. , 1983, Recent advances in research on living planktonic foraminifera, Utrecht Micropaleontol. Bull. 30: 14 I -170. , and Anderson, O. , 1989, Modern Planktonic Foraminifera, Springer-Verlag, New York. Herbert, D. , ] 991, Foraminiferivory in a Puncturella (Gastropoda; Fissurellidae), J. Moll. Stud. 57: I 27-] 29. , 1915, Contributions to the study of the bionomics and reproductive processes of the Foraminifera, Phil.

A) specimen detached from a larger specimen of Amplzistegina gibbosa showing holes in the test of prey caused by two separate attachments, scale bar = 100 Ilm. (B) closeup of the attachment site from which a predator was removed, scale bar = 50 Ilm. (e) closeup of the central hole in B, drilled into the A. gibbosa test by F. , pits and holes). Unfortunately, although the literature on fossil foraminifera is vast, there are few mentions of predation and its effects. The oldest evidence of predation on foraminifera seems to be from the Upper Pennsylvanian of Kansas (Hageman and Kaesler, 2002), where fusulinids exhibit several kinds of predation damage.

In other groups, the coevolution of predators and prey have driven certain evolutionary trends through time (Vermeij, 1987, 1994), but such trends cannot yet be deciphered for either planktonic or benthic foraminifera. Such trends likely exist but must await detailed study. In short, we know little of the interrelationships of foraminiferal predators and their prey or of foraminiferal prey and their predators. Perhaps the two most fruitful areas of future research would be a renewed emphasis on experimentation and observation of living systems, and a concerted effort to document the fossil record of predation in foraminifera by the evidence of boring, gouges, breakage, and etching left on their tests and the comparison of co-occurring metazoan fossils to modem foraminiferal predators.

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