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By Isaac Asimov

The 1st quantity in Issac Asimov's world-famous saga, winner of the Hugo Award for most sensible All-Time Novel sequence.

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You'll notice that he managed to stumble out with Anacreon's real intentions – that is, the parceling up of Terminus into landed estates. " "You don't intend. You don't. And who are you? And may I ask what you meant by blowing off your mouth about our nuclear-power plant? " "Yes," grinned Hardin. "A military target to stay away from. Isn't it obvious why I brought the subject up? " "That Anacreon no longer has a nuclear-power economy. If they had, our friend would undoubtedly have realized that plutonium, except in ancient tradition is not used in power plants.

What do you mean – 'indicate the problem'? " Hardin whirled on him. "You think you do? You think Anacreon is all Hari Seldon is likely to be worried about. I disagree! " questioned Pirenne, hostilely. " Hardin jumped up and pushed his chair away. His eyes were cold and hard. "If there's one thing that's definite, it is that there's something smelly about the whole situation; something that is bigger than anything we've talked about yet. Just ask yourself this question: Why was it that among the original population of the Foundation not one first-class psychologist was included, except Bor Alurin?

After all, Seldon was not a magician. " "But you haven't tried. You haven't tried once. First, you refused to admit that there was a menace at all! Then you reposed an absolutely blind faith in the Emperor! Now you've shifted it to Hari Seldon. " His fists balled spasmodically. "It amounts to a diseased attitude – a conditioned reflex that shunts aside the independence of your minds whenever it is a question of opposing authority. There seems no doubt ever in your minds that the Emperor is more powerful than you are, or Hari Seldon wiser.

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