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By Laurence Fenton

Frederick Douglass arrived in eire in the summertime of 1845, the beginning of a two-year lecture travel of england and eire to champion freedom from slavery. He used to be recommended to go away the US after the ebook of his incendiary assault on slavery. Douglass's eloquent denunciations of slavery additionally triggered controversy with photograph descriptions of slaves being tortured. He shared a degree with Daniel O'Connell and took the pledge from the `apostle of temperance' Fr Mathew. Douglass extremely joyful within the openness with which he used to be obtained, yet used to be surprised on the poverty he encountered. This compelling account of the prestigious escaped slave's journey of eire combines a special perception into the early life of 1 of the nice figures of nineteenth-century the USA with a bright portrait of a rustic near to famine.

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It is not declamation – but oratory, power of debate. He has wit, arguments, sarcasm, pathos – all that first rate men show in their master efforts. ’ even writers unfriendly to the cause were impressed. 16 A subtler form of racism, meanwhile, was apparent in the snobbery and condescension of white abolitionist grandees in boston. douglass, for instance, was paid half what the white lecturers received, even though he was immeasurably more important to the cause. 17 38 FREDERICK DOUGLASS IN IRELAND 7 v9_FREDERICK DOUGLASS IN IRELAND 17/01/2014 15:10 Pag ABOLITIONISTS Abolitionist meetings were also broken up by racist crowds across the north.

He also bought some sailor’s clothes – a red shirt, black cravat and tarpaulin hat – with some of Anna’s savings. Frederick did not really look like the man described in the papers. nevertheless, his years on the docks helped him play the part of a seaman. ’53 The train was halfway to delaware before the conductor entered the dusty, dirty carriage reserved for blacks. 25 FREDERICK DOUGLASS IN IRELAND 7 v9_FREDERICK DOUGLASS IN IRELAND 20/01/2014 14:30 Pag ‘The Fugitive’s Song’. Composed by Jesse Hutchinson Jr, of The Hutchinson Family, one of the most popular singing groups of the period.

Three decades of severe economic distress, dating back to the end of the napoleonic Wars, had taken a heavy toll, and an irish hut, douglass declared, was the pre-eminent place in the world to observe ‘human misery, ignorance, degradation, filth and wretchedness’. He described one to Garrison: four mud walls about six feet high, thatched with straw, a mud chimney at one end, no divisions of any kind on the inside, no real floor, no windows, a piece of pine board laid on the top of a box or an old chest, a pile of straw covered with dirty clothes, a tattered picture of the crucifixion, a few broken dishes stuck up in a corner, an iron pot in one corner of the chimney and a little peat in the fireplace ‘aggravating one occasionally with a glimpse of fire .

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