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MARCH. 4. Squad, 5. XALT. At the SeemId C”rnnl:lnd the rear-rank men mnrc1, backward 4 stem and halt: at t,he commnnd march ail face to the right and the leading nxan of each rank steus off; the other men step aft in succession, encll following the grewding ma,, at 4 ~pnces, rear-rank men marching abreast of their file leaders. At the commnnd halt, given when all have their intorvnls, a” halt and fwe to me front. 1 IO. Being at intervals, to nssmble the sqund: 1. Assemble, to the right (left), 2.

During ceremoniesthey executeOil movements. 150. In taking intervals and distances, unless otherwise directed, the right :ud left guide*, at the first conlmand, place tll~mmlves in the line of file closem and. with then~. take il distance of 4 paces from the rear rank. In taking intermls, iIt the conlmnlld mom*, the me dozers face to tile flnuli anI3 e:,c,, ste,,s OR with the me nenrest him. 111 assembling the guides nnd lik c,0sers resume their position(i in iine. 171. IU mOveWelltS executfd *im”lta”eO”S1J.

S himself in fmrlt Of tile SlJWd, if not already there. mt Of tlx! corp”l~l nt h:llf-pnce inter\‘nls, NO% 1 ona 2 on his right, No,% 3 and 4 on Ids left, rear-rank men on me right Of their me leadersl cxtrn men 011 the left of No. 4; RN then conform to me corporaI(s gait. When the SQwld is acting nlone, skirmish line is sImiktr1y formed on NO. 2 of the front rank, WllU stanan fast or continues the march, as the ca*e mny ix; the COrpOrRI places IaIlSeiP in front of the sqm4 w&n advnneing and in rear when baited.

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