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By Gabriela S. Hassan

During this publication, the literature on sleek estuarine diatoms from Argentina is revised as a way to synthesise the to be had ecological details and to become aware of attainable sleek analogues for Quaternary diatom assemblages. the most goal is to construct bridges among ecology and paleoecology, and to debate the reaches and boundaries of the various methods to diatom-based paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

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Diatom assemblage composition and environmental significance of the two samples collected by Frenguelli (1935) at Mar Chiquita coastal lagoon Abundant species Frequent species Ecological Conditions Bottom sample Paralia sulcata Actinocyclus vulgaris Marine/neritic assemblage. Fossil and reworked, probably indicating the presence of a marine bay in the past. Plankton net sample -----------Aulacoseira granulata Bacillaria paradoxa Cyclotella meneghiniana Navicula peregrina Nitzschia circumsuta Tropidoneis lepidoptera var.

Sigma var. ) Amphora perpusilla Epitemia adnata Staurosira construens Aulacoseira italica Nitzschia frustulum Rhopalodia gibba Achnanthes brevipes var. intermedia Planothidium delicatulum Gyrosigma spenceri var. exilis Nitzschia clausii Nitzschia sigma var. rigida Epiphytes under macroalgae (Stipocaulon sp. ) - Encyonema turgidum Epithemia adnata - Cyclotella baltica Gyrosigma balticum Bacillaria paradoxa B. paradoxa var. tropica Marine diatoms Gyrosigma balticum G. spenceri var. curvula G. wansbecki Tryblionella compressa Nitzschia sigma Surirella striatula Amphora granulata Auliscus sculptus Cocconeis scutellum C.

Costata Triceratium scitulum How Much Information About Ecological Requirements…? Table 8. Diatom assemblage composition of the samples from Río Grande estuary, according to Cleve (1900) Marine and brackish taxa Freshwater taxa Actinoptychus undulatus Amphora lineolata Biddulphia aurita Amphora pediculus Cymbella aspera Frustulia rhomboides Biddulphia rhombus Hantzschia elongata Cocconeis scutellum var. genuina Melosira sp. Coscinodiscus decipiens Neidium oblique striatum var. magellanicum Coscinodiscus excentricus Pinnularia borealis Coscinodiscus oliverianus Pinnularia commutata Entyopyla incurvata Pinnularia elliptica Epithemia musculus Pinnularia gibba Hantzschia virgata Pinnularia lata Hyalodiscus radiates Pinnularia latevittata Hyalodiscus scoticus Pinnularia gibba var.

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