About Finding Refuge
It started with one, spread to thirty-two and now our passion is spreading across the country. Finding Refuge was created by a group of individuals who, while sailing around the world on a program called Semester at Sea, visited an orphanage in Ghana. The City of Refuge ministries is an orphanage that rescues kids from child trafficking in the Ghanaian Fishing Industry. Owned and operated as a non-profit organization by John and Stacy Omorefe, the City of Refuge has been in operation for three years and is already making a lasting impact on the communities surrounding Lake Volta.
Finding Refuge was established after our small group of university students spent a total of twenty-three hours with the children living at City of Refuge. Through a variety of games, soccer, cooking and feeding over 1200 children in a nearby fishing village, we all managed to leave our hearts in Ghana. As a group of University Students we knew that there was so much more that we could do to help John, Stacy, and the City of Refuge.
We asked what more we could do to help, Stacy replied, "what we really need are people to spread the word that slavery still exists and is still happening all over the world today." Finding Refuge has been created as a way for us to spread the reality that slavery is prevalent issue around the world as well as give our support to this amazing organization.

With our continual increase in the number of participants, universities and organizations Finding Refuge will easily be able to achieve Stacy’s wishes to make the world aware that slavery is still occurring today.
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