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By Eric Gunnerson

A Programmer's advent to C# 2.0, 3rd Edition is a serious replace to the hugely winning moment version. it truly is written by means of a member of the unique C# language-design staff and a C# application supervisor, so that you might be definite this publication includes the services you are looking for.

This 3rd version covers the weather of C# 2005 that you’ll quickly embody. This complete educational explains good points like generics, iterators, nameless forms, and partial sessions. it's bound to be a key source for all you C# programmers!

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If exception handling is late in the book, early code samples can’t use it, and that means the examples can’t be written using good programming practices. Unfortunately, this means classes must be used without really introducing them. Read the following section for flavor; we’ll cover the classes in detail in the next chapter. What’s Wrong with Return Codes? success) { // process the error } This works okay, but every return value has to be checked for an error. If the previous code was written as CallFunction(); any error return would be thrown away.

NET components. 0, Managed Extensions have been replaced by C++/CLI, which offers a syntax similar to C#. html). 0, and this book has been extensively updated to reflect these changes. 0 feature, the coverage of the original material has generally been added to rather than removed. NET Framework. 0 features. NET platform, and this edition covers all the new features that will allow you to stay at the cutting-edge of software development. The C# Compiler and Other Resources You have two ways of getting the C# compiler.

If the writer thought the library was targeted toward the Visual Basic crowd, it’d be easy to use from Visual Basic, but that choice might either constrain access from the C++ perspective or come with an unacceptable performance penalty. Or, a library could be written for C++ users for good performance and low-level access, but it’d ignore the Visual Basic programmers. Sometimes a library would be written for both types of users, but this usually meant some compromises had to happen. To send e-mail on a Windows system, for example, you have a choice between Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), which is a COM-based interface that can be called from both languages but doesn’t do everything,1 and native Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) functions (in both C and C++ versions) that can access all functions.

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